About Us

Festival Director

Each Jewish generation needs to explore its cultural inheritance through the lens of its own time and place. A festival of writing provides an opportunity to uncover the perspectives of today’s literary generation as they make sense of their contemporary world from within their rich heritage. With this intention, the Lamm Jewish Library of Australia approached me last year to stage a Jewish writers’ festival in Melbourne.

Shown such significant interest from the Melbourne Jewish community, from the astonishing number of Jewish writers, and from the literary community at large, we have developed an exciting, diverse event which we would like to become a regular feature of Melbourne’s cultural calendar. It would not have been possible without our generous sponsors, wonderfully creative and prolific pool of writers, and a hardworking team of volunteers.

The Melbourne Jewish Writers Festival invites you to partake of this bountiful feast of words and ideas and to engage in our literary tradition through the unique perspectives of our writers and thinkers, past and present.

Esther Kister
Festival Director